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Transformation is the next step in your Monsters life. You will find that all monsters except for Legends, Zeniths, Ancients, and 23 exceptions can transform.

23 Exceptions
Dex Number Name Class
#35 Thunduppy Regular
#48 Mover Regular
#70 Flarandle Superior
#103 Poiob Regular
#157 Lileek Regular
#165 Stanerry Regular
#166 Guaii Regular
#167 Shiwiz Regular
#224 Oneyca Regular
#233 Hasheg Regular
#237 Spoiule Superior
#238 Azule Superior
#239 Inferule Superior
#244 Mundoween Superior
#278 Turfield Regular
#305 Cutree Regular
#370 Blasheep Regular
#397 Curscreech Regular
#404 Leamurn Regular
#445 Dodumb Regular
#494 Novairy Regular
#495 Satelliary Regular
#643 Sporoom Regular

Transforming increases stats, TP giveouts, and sometimes brings an extreme change-up to the Monster's moves. Some Monsters barely change at transformation, while others turn will drasticallly change in their appearance.

Different Transformation Methods

Transformation by Leveling Up

A majority of the Monsters existing transform using this method. After reaching the required level, simply click Transform Monster under the My Team page.

Transforming Coltide into Rainay via leveling

Transformation by Leveling Up With Held Items

Some Monsters transform when they are given certain held items, and then leveled up. Give it the held item in the My Items page, level it up by battling, and transform them after leveling up. There are also some monsters who will transform simply by holding an item an item and clicking transform.

Evolving Trebass with a Steel Crystal. Note the level up before transformation.

Transformation by Leveling In A Certain Map

Only a few Monsters transform with this method. You will need to go to a certain map to transform, or level up in a certain map then transform. One of the Monsters that uses this method is Dahunown, as shown below.

Transforming Dahunown into Dextock at Hot Rock Cove.

Transformation based on stats

Some Monsters transform as their stats change. You'll need to check the requirements at the Monster Dex and fufill them. After reaching the requirements, you can now transform your Monster.

Janusplit transforming into Jekyllight.

Janusplit transforming into Hydevil.

Transformation with happiness



Some Monsters can Transform into more than one different Monster. This is called a Branched Transformation. The most dominant Monster with this type of transformation is Luxcatty, which has 8 different Transformations.



  • When using different training methods, battling transformed Superior and Emissary Monsters will give you much higher exp than other Monsters. The most popular of these transformed Monsters are the Luxcatty transformations, Tyranone and Winrazor.