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Trainer Points:

TP- Trainer Points


You can buy TP Nutrition and TP Degrades from the Market.

Buying these items will allow you to raise or lower your TP in a certain stat. Each nutrition will give you 10 points into a stat, with a maximum of 200 points being allowed through the use of nutritions.

Along with using nutritions to raise your TP in a certain stat, you can also battle certain monsters that will give you TP in a particular stat. Through this method, you can raise your TP to a maximum of 400 points in one stat.

If you give them 200 Trainer Points in a certain stat, you will gain 50 more on that stat you TP Trained in. If you give your monsters 400 Trainer points you will gain 100 more on that stat you TP trained in.

The maximum amount of Trainer Points on any monster is 799.

For simplicity's sake, an approximate of 4 Trainer Points in a stat raises the stat by 1.

Well, it's not really as simple as 4=1. However, the boss isn't willing to share any more information than that for his own reasons, so this is the best we are getting.

What Should I Boost With Trainer Points?

This also depends on the nature of the monster. Find the monster's best stats, the stats the monster excels in, and only train in those stat areas.

Unique Values:

UV- Unique Values


Unique values are random every time you catch a Monster. You cannot decrease or increase your UVs.

The stats of the monster depends on this. Even if two same species monster has the same stats and TP, as long the monster has a higher UV, then that monster will have a higher stats than the other.

The highest amount of UVs you can have is 50 UV'S. UVs help your stat points greatly.

Starters get 25 UVs in every category.

The power of the move Unique Attack varies with the Monster's UVs. The power of Unique attack is half of the total UVs the Monster has.

Reward monsters (through donations or events) get 45 UVs In every category.

TP - Updating Your Stats:

To update the monsters stats after battling, you must store them in the Monster Center and then add them back to your team. This is not necessary for nutrients.