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Appearance: Only catchable during events

Stats: Pretty Good

Moves: Pretty Good

Number In Game: 66

Monster Battle Compatibility:

Above Average

Player Battle Compatibility:


Recommended Catching Method:

Ultimate Box or Day/Night Boxes and a 1 HP move.

Level Speed: Normal

Description: When first registering, you will get the opportunity to choose a single starter Monster that will accompany you in the game.  Players are unable to gain more than one Starter Monster unless they donate or trade other players for their donation Starter Monster (which can get very expensive in-game).  But don't worry if you think you've chosen the wrong Starter!  As of V2, players are able to exchange their Starter Monster for another one at the same level!  You have to re-learn attacks and re-transform the little beasties, but it's not bad for those who like choice.

You and your Starter: Starter Monsters, the creatures sent with you to get you started on your journey to defeat the Arenas and prove yourself strong in this world.  Several are available, which should you choose?  That comes down to preference.  Preference that you can change later if you find yourself wanting something different!  So here, we'll explore the options.

Extra Facts: All Starters come equipped with their default Abilities.  So, unlike wild-caught Monsters, you can count on the same three Abilities and stats every time you exchange your Starter.

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