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Our new ranking system will focus more on the different Monsters you have caught. Different Monster Scores or DMS will be the center of calculating your Trainer points. Every different Monster you have is equivalent to a certain number of points.As of the most recent update, your maximum DMS will be 1567. The calculation goes like this:

Different Monster Count DMS
Different Regular Monster count *1
Different Superior Monster count *2
Different Emissary Monster count *3
Different Zenith Monster count *4
Different Legendary Monster count *6
Different Ancient Monster count *12

(Note that Starters aren't included. They will not be counted because they are unobtainable.)

After getting your DMS, most of your other statistics will vary on your DMS.

Average EXP * DMS (Maximum 300,000 Points)

Average Level * DMS (Maximum 300,000 Points)

The other statistics are your Total Gold, Total EXP points and your Ancient Gem count.

Ancient Gem count (Maximum Points 200,000)

Total EXP (Maximum Points 50,000)

Total Gold (Maximum Points 50,000)

Remember though, high rank will not mean that you are strong. Rank will not affect your strength.

in battle.