Welcome all to the first "Monster of the Week" where we examine monsters suggested by MonsterMMORPG players. This week's monster is:


Witoad: Dark/Poison


(1) Anger - Increases power of moves by 40% when affected by Burn, Poison, Paralysis or Bleeding

(2) Dragon Master - Increases the power of Dragon type moves by 30%

(3) Scary - a damage type move is used, the monster has 15% chance to cringe the target. This ability is only effective when the user strikes first

Details: Anger is really the only ability worth mentioning. Unfortunately the monster doesn't know any dragon moves making ability 2 useless, and since Witoad has a base speed of 68 this thing isn't likely to outspeed any other monsters. One last downside is that the monster lacks a 1k accuracy move.


Special Monster Quantum - 400 Spec. Attack, 400 Special Defense / Mystic - 400 Spec. Attack, 400 Defense

Item: Poison Orb

  • Darkness Ball
  • Slime Blast
  • Clear Mind
  • Sinister Wave

Rely on Clear Mind to set up a Sp attack wall. Once he is beefed up he has the potential to sweep

Wall Attacker Type 1 : Discreet - 400 HP, 200 Defense, 200 Special Defense

Item: Poison Orb

  • Thick Fog
  • Tricky Fun
  • Toxic Bite
  • Evil Eye

Tricky fun to lower enemies special attack , Thick Fog to force opponent's to rely on their 1k accuracy moves, Toxic Bite to poison opponent and Evil Eye after poisoned (evil eye's base bower of 55 doubles when opponent is under a status effect)

Wall Attacker Type 2: Discreet - 400 Hp, 200 Defense, 200 Special Defense

Item: Poison Orb

  • Double Time
  • Clear Mind
  • Toxic Spit
  • Darkness Ball

Double time to raise evasion. Clear mind to raise sp attack. Toxical Spit to poison. Darkness ball to damage.

Troll Frog: Discreet - 400 Hp, 100 Defense, 100 Special Defense, 200 Special Attack

Item: Poison Orb

  • Toxic Bite
  • Prevent
  • Thick Fog
  • High Jump

Toxic Bite to poison, Thick fog to drop opposing monster's accuracy, prevent to stop your opponent from switching the monster out. WIth Thick fog decreasing opposing monster's accuracy this helps get the move off High Jump without taking massive damage or allowing opponent the benefit of an extra turn.

Thanks to Uncle Lung FIsh, Knost and Silenos, and KingOH for contributing strategies.

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