Throughout MonsterMMORPG, certain terms have been created by some users, often in chat. Here is a list of some terms that are commonly used in MonsterMMORPG.

Chat/PM TermsEdit

NFS/NFT - Not For Sale/Trade, used commonly when an offer is made to a Monster you wouldn't want to sell or trade.

Sample: "Sorry, my Mirage Yetee is NFS/NFT."

PvP - Player vs Player, used when you are to offer a live battle with another player.

Sample: "Who wants to PvP?"

Turkeys - Turkeys are usually the nickname given to Legendary or Zenith Monsters that are easy to farm on. Most commonly used on Engiron.

Sample: "I found some Turkeys today. I've made a good profit."

Gg - Good Game, said after a PvP match. Sometimes Bg, if the match turns out bad (IE: cheating, using items when not allowed).

Sample: "Gg, your Spiralaxy was strong."

Ban Hammer - Often used by Chat Moderators, a comical way of calling the act of banning.

Sample: "CeFurkan just dropped the Ban Hammer!"

BPC - Blocked Players Club, another way of calling the people who have been blocked by a user.

Sample: "It looks like someone's joining the BPC."

Grinding - The act of training intensely on a single location, beating only the high EXP and Gold bearing Monsters.

Sample: "I will grind on Robin Straights later."

PM - Private Message, used when you are to send or asking to receive a message secretly.

Sample: "Send me a PM about it."

DMS - Different Monster Score, a factor that heavily affects rankings.

Sample: "You better get some DMS before the update arrives."

NPC - Non-Playable Characters, the trainers that stand along the maps, awaiting an enemy to battle.

Sample: "I am having trouble beating these NPCs."

Mod - Moderator, the personel who has authority about the game.

Sample: "We need a Mod here. Someone is spamming."

Spam - A long chain of senseless or repetitive posts on chat or in the forum, often punishable by a ban.

Sample: "Spam is strictly prohibited in this chat."

Cef - A nickname given to the Administrator, CeFurkan.

Sample: "Cef wouldn't like the news."