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Monster MMORPG Maps Page

MonsterMMORPG Beta V1

V1 featured 83 maps (9 of those maps were arenas) available for the player to explore.  These maps were collectively refered to as the "Averium Aisles", and each of the large islands was named after a type of bird.  During the update to V2, the Averium Aisles were removed in favor of the 520 more detailed, and larger maps.

MonsterMMORPG Beta V2

With V2, there are now a total of 520 maps in the world of MonsterMMORPG.  These maps were created by user WesleyFG.  The new maps are classified into 19 zones, each zone having a different type of Monsters and an Arena of that type.

There are a total of nineteen zones.

  1. Normal Zone
  2. Grass Zone
  3. Bug Zone
  4. Poison Zone
  5. Water Zone
  6. Ice Zone
  7. Ground Zone
  8. Rock Zone
  9. Fire Zone
  10. Electric Zone
  11. Light Zone
  12. Fighting Zone
  13. Steel Zone
  14. Psychic Zone
  15. Flying Zone
  16. Ghost Zone
  17. Dragon zone
  18. Dark Zone
  19. Mixed Zone