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If you are new to the game, or looking fo more in-depth information on how mechanics of the game work, you can find general information here.  Guides here are written by Monster MMORPG Staff; if you are looking for Player-Written Guides, or are interested in making your own submission, this section of the Forum is a good place to look.

Below are links to all of the different guide pages on the site. Please use these pages to find the information that you need before asking in the game, as these will help explain it a lot better!

  • Abilities - Ability mechanics have changed from V1 to V2, more info here!
  • Catching Monsters - General information on the mechanics, tips, and how to get the mosnters you want.
  • Chat - Understand your Chatbox.
  • Interface - Visual guide to your Player Interface and its functions.
  • Maps - General overview of our 520 maps, 19 zones, and what you can expect in them.
  • Moves - Descriptions of the special effects that moves have, and important Moves to be aware about.
  • Natures - Every Monster has a Nature, and it affects their stat growth, but what do they do?
  • Stats - Attack, Defense, HP?  Those are simple.  Explain Critical Chance and Priority.
  • TP/UV Training and Information - For Players wanting to get into PvP battles, this guide is a great first step.
  • Training Tips - Want to level-up faster?  Here's some hints.
  • Transforming Your Monsters - It's hard watching the grow up.  Wait, no it isn't.  It's awesome.
  • Videos - While these are a bit out-dated  (We're working on this)  we do have a collection of tutorials available.

Knost's Guides to better MonsterMMORPG play - Contains Beginners Guides, PVP Guides, Arena Guides and Tips for better play.