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The chat box is a feature of Monster MMORPG which, like most other chat boxes, can be used to interact with other players. The chat is organized into different sections for easier use.

A regular member's view of the chat.


Global Chat

Local Chat

The Local Chat uses your IP to put you into a chat with players from the same country.

Events Chat

The Events Chat

Trade/Market Chat

Random Chat

Donator Chat

Staff Chat

Functions and How To Use

  • Type into the small chat bar located below the chat box and hit enter or click send so you can send your message to everybody.
  • You can click the block button on a certain user if you want to ignore their posts or simply the chat box won't show you any of their posts.
  • Chat Moderators or any user with a higher rank is granted the Ban and Delete functions.
    • The Ban feature will delete all posts by a single user from history and will render them unable to speak in chat for the next 15 minutes.

      Chat from the view of a Chat Moderator (note the Ban and Delete buttons)

    • The Delete button simply deletes the post from chat permanently.
  • There is a button called the "Hide Chat Screen" located below the chat. It will make the chat screen invisible to the player. It is recommended for lagging issues.
  • The Show Last 250 Messages button shows the last 250 posts by all users, excluding any blocked players.
  • Blocking Players will make them invisible unless you clear your blocked players list under the Profile tab. Remember that as of the latest version, clearing your blocked list will instantly reveal all blocked players. There is no way to simply choose on user to unblock.