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Challenge levels are obstacles in your Monster's level growth. These 4 levels require a lot more EXP to get through and can provide you with a hard time. Often, the reccomendations to quickly get through challenge levels are simply defeating or catching a Zenith or a Legendary Monster for a lot of EXP. This method takes longer, but is more effective and has a lot of profit in gold as well. Another way of getting through them is by buying an EXP Max which costs 250,000 gold. EXP Maxes can quickly get you through a level in a single click. Although their price is high, this is the best shortcut to increasing your level.

EXP Tables

After calculating the EXP tables, I have found the approximate ammount of EXP required to get through the challenge levels.

For levels 24-25

EXP Speed EXP required
Ultra Fast 13,941
Very Fast 17,427
Fast 20,912
Normal 24,397
Slow 27,882
Very Slow 33,459

For levels 49-50

EXP Speed EXP required
Ultra Fast 1111,762
Very Fast 139,704
Fast 167,644
Normal 195,584
Slow 223,524
Very Slow 268,230

For levels 69-70

EXP Speed EXP required
Ultra Fast 309,179
Very Fast 386,476
Fast 463,770
Normal 541,064
Slow 618,358
Very Slow 742,032

For levels 84-85

EXP Speed EXP required
Ultra Fast 559,948
Very Fast 699,813
Fast 839,774
Normal 979,774
Slow 1,119,696
Very Slow 1,343,636